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About us

The Chamber of Textile Trade & Industry (COTTI) is an apex body for the Textile Trade and business in Eastern India. Since its inception, it has been playing an important role in promoting the textile fraternity – while advising its members about discharging their responsibilities towards their businesses and the society in general. From a humble beginning with a few selected members in 1961, this institution has grown and attained a stature of a Parent Organization in this part of the country today. It currently has a direct membership of more than 1600 members, while another 15,000 members are indirectly attached to the Chamber through 52 Affiliated Associations and Trade Bodies from this region.

Our growth bears testimony to the wide acceptance and recognition in promoting the cause of textile sector and trade related activities in this region, more particularly in West  Bengal. It constantly endeavors to promote the textile sector through various activities, some of which are highlighted below.

The Chamber also plays a dominant role in ensuring smooth distribution of work in the Textile Sector by framing rules and regulations for different product segments. It further ensures that these rules are implemented properly, thereby minimizing misunderstandings and litigations in the domestic markets.


The State of  West Bengal has historically been the hub of textile business in  India  for over a century and supposedly functions as the textile distribution center for the neighboring states of  Bihar,  Orissa, Assam, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh-covering more than 25% of  India's population. Kolkata on the other hand is biggest trading center for textiles in Eastern India . It is also one of the biggest  Trading Center  for Garments & Apparels in  India  with over 5,00,000 Handloom Weavers across the State of  West Bengal. This apart it is amongst one of the biggest producers of Hosiery Goods, Garments and Apparels.


Textile is a vast sector comprising of diverse activities each being a specialized field in itself. To impart dynamism to such a vast section of trade and industry, the workings of COTTI have been divided into different Standing Committees for getting the best results. Each Standing Committee is headed by an eminent person as Chairman / Co-Chairman who is actively involved in ensuring proper working of that sector by giving focused attention and taking suitable action as and where necessary. The Committee also consists of members who are drawn from the textile fraternity and plays an equally important role in giving proper feedback to the Executive Committee of the Chamber for achieving targeted goals.


The Chamber has appointed a panel of 26 members to the Tribunal of Arbitration. As required, Arbitration Tribunals are constituted under “The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996” for speedy redressed / solution to disputes arising in the markets due to various circumstances and misinterpretations of different rules and regulations. Each of these Tribunals consists three experienced and senior members of the Chamber from amongst the panel who arrive at judicious decisions after processing the related documents and evidences produced before them by the contesting parties. On most of the occasions, the disputes and cases are mutually settled by the Chamber amicably and well within a stipulated timeframe.

Chamber of Textile Trade & Industry
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